Tétè was born from my grandmother's passion for colourful and eccentric scarves, collected around the world during her travels.
A passion that was passed on to me and that I decided to share by giving new life to those scarves, transforming them into hair accessories.
Each scarf was different from the next, each one with a story, and therefore unique!
Hence the idea of making limited-edition headbands and turbans and unique pieces from vintage fabrics or scarves.
The name of our brand comes from this expression, 'Tétè' in fact, which is used in Neapolitan to express wonder or amazement, and which my grandmother often used!
'Tétè' is a way of letting the world know, through our creations, her resourceful, curious and passionate spirit.
It is a search for fine fabrics, colourful and original patterns, it is a desire for uniqueness, a desire to stand out from the crowd and at the same time to belong to oneself.
Tétè belongs to you